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Our clients come to us because they either don’t have a strong working knowledge of how banks work or they are unhappy and uncomfortable with their current bank relationship.  Our team has over 200 years of banking experience giving our clients invaluable insights into debt structuring, bank communication and deal pricing.

Having a Licensed Pearl Credit Advisor working on your team, you are getting an experienced, independent banker who has sat on the other side of the table.  Our team are banking experts.  This expertise will ensure we provide you with the following:

  • Reduced Bank Costs
  • More Flexible Bank Arrangements
  • Appropriate limits to support growth
  • Reduced Frustration!

Do you find dealing with banks to be hard work?  Get a Pearl Financial Services Banker to lead you to headache-free bank dealings.

Contact us for an obligation free assessment of whether you have the most cost effective loan structuring with the least security provided providing the maximum level of funding.  Most of our clients don’t even need to move banks to get this!

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Bank Management Service

This service is for business owners who find themselves spending more time reporting to the bank and less time running their business than they would like.

Our Bank Management Service is a retainer based service that gives you an experienced banker on your team.  We then take over most or all of the bank communication.  The service can include the following:

  • Monthly / Quarterly financial performance updates – ensure no surprises for the bank and know what they are going to say before you tell them
  • Temporary and long term limit extension requests – ensure you have the funding you need when you need it
  • Annual review of the bank  – As they review your performance you should review theirs
  • Oversee Budgeting and Forecasting – ensure your budgets make sense to your bank
  • If you spend more time being frustrated by your bank than delighted by them, then this service will astound you.

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Bank Tender Service

Wondering if you have the best deal available for your business?  Why not run a tender?

Our experienced bankers will invite specially selected lenders to provide an indicative pricing proposal based on a presentation of company information that we construct specifically to ensure that the bank has enough information to make a reasonable assessment.  You can choose to include the current bank in the process or leave them out.  Note this is not a recommended strategy for businesses with poor credit risk assessments.  We will help you understand this prior to commencing (at no cost).

  • Detailed and compelling bank presentation
  • Tightly managed response times
  • Full disclosure to all participating banks using Pearls Information Portal
  • Apples with apples comparison of results to allow fair comparison
  • Negotiation assistance as required

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Commercial and Equipment Finance Broking

Have an Experienced Pearl advisor help you secure the cheapest possible facility from the most appropriate lender for the least possible security.

Your Pearl advisor will help you to present your circumstance in the best possible light.  Our reputation with our banking partners is crucial to our success.  We will not present you to our lender contacts unless we believe that you are a great banking proposition.  This ensures that we get great responses from our bankers as they know that you are worth presenting.

For clients not qualifying for access to our lenders, we will make recommendations regarding the things that prevent you from being seen as a great banking customer.

If you want to save time and make sure you get the best possible funding result, then contact uis for a free assessment of your “bankability”

  • Save time
  • Ensure you are presented in the best possible light
  • You only move if there is commercial advantage
  • Generally no new funding = no cost to you

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Mortgage Broking

Our Bank comparison tool ensures that our clients get the home loan that fits with their requirements, for the best price we can find.  We have access to a broad range of different lenders ensuring that you have great choice in mortgage product and pricing.

  • Save time
  • Access a wider variety of products and pricing that you get going to a single bank
  • Have an expert walk you through the process

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